Direction of required notifications

Wise Wolves Capital (EU) Ltd provides its clients with an integrated approach to servicing Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF), in particular: the services of a professional secretary for maintaining a company file, and corporate compliance services.

Professional secretary for the company not only formally occupies this position, but also along with the director, acts as the first contact person in front of government agencies on all issues related to the company's activities.

The duties of the secretary also include the implementation of the relevant procedures when the directors accept any corporate decisions, including: changing the composition of the Board of directors, amendments of constitutional documents, increasing or reduction of the authorized capital, changing the company name, transferring shares, keeping corporate registers, keeping the minutes of the meeting of directors and shareholders , the process of voluntary liquidation and any other actions that require documentary support.

Corporate Compliance services include monitoring compliance with regulatory requirements for the processing of corporate documents, as well as monitoring the timely submission of reports, documents and information provided for by legislation of a particular jurisdiction.

Such services are extremely important nowadays, as the legal regulations are constantly changing, and the risks of non-compliance can ultimately lead to the imposition of fines by the state and municipal authorities, and in some cases even financial and reputational losses.