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Wise Wolves FinTech Business Model
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The company Wise Wolves Fintech is a Cypriot multidisciplinary, dynamically developing IT-company, working in IT Box mode, creating effective solutions for the development of the digital company, with a team of IT professionals, Digital, software development, hardware, establishment of IT solutions (front-, back-, middle- systems), system administration (sites, servers, allocated channels, safety, data storage) and other spheres.

Our licenses

The company Wise Wolves Fintech provides services and support for corporate clients, as well as regulated by CySec, CBC companies. We help our clients to be competitive with the use of modern information technologies. We present innovations in the information technologies, innovative approaches to provision of services, based on the world practice.

Competitive advantages of the company Wise Wolves Fintech

  • Highly professional company specialists
  • Extensive expertise in various IT fields
  • Great knowledge of the specifics of banking and financial information and automation
  • Great experience in implementing IT projects of a banking and financial orientation
  • Responsibility for the result
  • Utilization of the best innovative solutions

IT-consulting regulated by CySec, CBC companies

IT consulting is a project-oriented activity which is related to information support of business processes, which allows an independent expert to evaluate the effectiveness of...

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Integrated automation of business processes of companies, working with ASP, CIF, PI licenses

Automation of business processes is the implementation of a software system that performs typical procedures using modern algorithms. For example, we are talking about drawing up...

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System integration

System integration is a complex of services for the establishment and maintenance of an effective enterprise IT infrastructure from the point of view of the...

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Custom software development as required by regulators

Formation and development of IT-infrastructure for CIF, ASP, PI companies

Information infrastructure is a system of organizational structures, subsystems, ensuring the functioning and development of the company’s information space and means of...

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Solutions based on ‘cloud computing’

Cloud technologies have become common in everyday life. The role of cloud technologies is also growing steadily in business. Cloud solutions...

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Monitoring systems and IT-management

The continuous development and improvement of the corporate information system is inherent in modern enterprise and therefore, invariably leads to the complication of its...

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Solutions based on information security and business continuity

Information security is a method of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, distortion, alteration, investigation, recording or destruction information. The universal...

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Outsourcing and technical support of the information systems and IT-infrastructures of the client

Timely technical support and high-quality service support will ensure uninterrupted operation of the information system, the rapid elimination of...

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Preparation and passage of IT-audit CIF, ASP, PI companies

IT audit is the diagnosis and state assessment of information technology in your company, as far as they meet the requirements of your business.

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