Solutions based on information security and business continuity

Solutions based on information security and business continuity

Information security is a method of preventing unauthorized access, use, disclosure, distortion, alteration, investigation, recording or destruction information. The universal concept is used regardless of the form that data can take (electronic, or for example, physical).

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The main objective of information security is a balanced protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, considering the appropriateness of the application and without any damage to the performance of the organization. This is achieved mainly through a multi-stage risk management process that allows you to identify fixed assets and intangible assets, sources of threats, vulnerabilities, potential impact and risk management capabilities. This process is accompanied by an assessment of the effectiveness of the risk management plan.

Modern business is distinguished by dynamism and rapidity, therefore disrupting the normal rhythm of work even for a few hours can have disastrous consequences for the profitability and reputation of the affected company. While such negative consequences occur almost immediately, they can also undermine the viability of the organization in the long term.

Business continuity management provides effective “prevention” of sudden disruption of the working mode, crisis and emergency situations and allows organizations to restore quickly the normal business rhythm in case of such events. Once a business continuity plan has been prepared, it must be tested to ensure that the procedures work as planned.