System integration

System integration

System integration is a complex of services for the establishment and maintenance of an effective enterprise IT infrastructure from the point of view of the interaction of the used information systems. This is a comprehensive solution for automating business processes of an enterprise, including the formation advancement and integration of existing disparate information systems into a single information space.

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Integration solutions are focused on the organization of information support for the implementation of business tasks facing the company, ensuring the transparency, consistency and reliability of interaction disparate application information systems, which are operating within a single business process.

Formation of the projects of integration solutions are helping enterprises to improve the IT infrastructure and to achieve efficiency of interaction used for information system.

As a result, the company obtains the following advantages:

  • Reduction of timing, labor intensity, and therefore consequently, the cost of introducing new systems
  • Optimizing the cost of purchasing user licenses for system applications
  • Simplicity, comfort and control employee access to information from various systems
  • Presence of real control over “cross-cutting” (affecting various systems) business processes
  • Orderliness, and consequently, a reduction in the cost of maintenance of the enterprise IT infrastructure
  • Managed infrastructure development
  • Reducing technological and organizational risks