Open Accounts

Open Accounts

The account is a necessary element for settlements, intended for storage of funds and making payments between the client and his contractors/partners.

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Opening an account with WWPi is a three-in-one savings!

  1. Time saving (only information and documents are required from your side, WWPi will arrange the rest)
  2. Energy saving (no time-consuming complicated paper work for you: WWPi will handle this for you)
  3. Cost saving (while the others are still awaiting an account opening, your business is already earning using the current account with WWPi)

WWPi opens the following accounts categories:

  • Operational account
  • Clients’ account
  • Escrow account

* available account’s currency - EUR, RUB, USD

Choose your own term of opening an account with WWPi:

  • up to 3 weeks
  • up to 1 week
  • up to 2 days

WWPi opens the accounts in IBAN format.

IBAN International Bank Account Number created according to standard № 13616 of International Organization for Standartization (ISO) and European Committee for Banking Standards (ECBS).

Starting from 1 JAN 2007 IBAN became unified identification beneficiary account number for any kind of currency payments in favor of EU and EEA members.

That means that banks and other payment organizations may refuse to accept payments without IBAN account number.

45 countries including all EU members are using IBAN account number standard.

Operational account opening

Operational account (current account, operating account, payment account) is used for payments from/to account in a course of daily operational (business) activities.

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Clients’ account opening

Clients’ account is used exclusively by the regulated investment companies for facilitating payments with their clients

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Escrow account opening

Large amounts in the transaction and need security in the settlement of the deal? There is a way: out-put the money into an escrow account. WWPi opens an escrow...

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Providing Reference letters / confirmations on status and maintenance of accounts

In a due business course, you may need to provide your business counterparties, banks/other payment service provider or even government bodies and competent authorities with an official...

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Providing Reports for the audit

In a due course of yearly financial audit your auditors will require to obtain an official report from each payment service provider (e.g. payment institution or bank) you maintain your payment or...

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