Clients’ account opening

Clients’ account opening

Clients’ account is used exclusively by the regulated investment companies for facilitating payments with their clients

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What is that and what for?

For safeguarding requirements, the funds on Clients’ accounts are not subject to creditors' claims, especially in the case of insolvency/liquidation of the investment company.

If your clients, you and your contractor/partner have accounts with WWPi, the settlement of transactions become faster and easier:

  • You do not depend on the operating day – all settlements are within WWPi
  • Transaction execution takes less time – WWPi has already the information required
  • Savings on fees – internal payments WWPi are cheaper

Open Clients’ account with WWPi

  1. Let us know if you are interested in opening a Clients’ account in any way:
  2. We review the documents and information obtained from you
    • Give us some time to study your business, and we will become your reliable partner in settlements.
    • Are you already a WWG client? Even better: we know our client, his business and needs, so we reduce the time to a minimum
    • Do you already have an Operational account with WWPi? All you need is a documented decision on opening a Clients’ account
  3. We activate your Clients’ account and you start working
    • You receive the details of Clients’ account from us
    • We configure for you the "PI-Online" (online interface for account operation)