Wise Wolves Payment Institution as an alternative to a bank in a settlement business

How do stereotypes deprive banks of customers and what is an alternative to a bank account? Wise Wolves Payments Executive director Marfa Shishkina provides the answers


Sergey Stopnevich: «Handling finances. This is what we can do best»

The WWG (Wise Wolves Group) has appeared on the Cyprus market quite recently, but already managed to declare itself in the world of finance, high technology, as well as corporate and private services. Sergey Stopnevich, the company co-founder and its Managing Director, has told us about his business history, his goals and strategies in the Cyprus service market.


Anna and Sergey Stopnevich: «If you want to make a good deed, you have to fight for it»

People come into charity, usually, in different ways. Moscow financiers Anna and Sergey Stopnevich had a personal motive to create private charitable fund Together Forever in Cyprus. Its aim is to help children, whose diseases require immediate neurosurgical intervention, which for some reason proved impossible in Russia.


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Anna Stopnevich Anna Stopnevich. Owner and Founder Wise Wolves Group. LinkedIn Profile
Owner and Founder Wise Wolves Group
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